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This is my Dreamwidth, then. I have existed inactively on LJ for some time, under the same name, but with people starting to move over here in light of LJ being shit, I figured it was time for a fresh start. I'm anonymously very active in lolitics, but would so like to get to know people under a username for a change, so do feel free to say hi! We may have already met without realising it. :)

ALSO - if I'm doing something wrong, please say so! I'm basically a n00b to these websites and need help. Help is good.

I'm on tumblr fannishly as smegandtheheads, if that helps.

I do plan to post a fic or two here, as well. Yay.
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Discworld is reclaiming my life, though I suspect not for long, what with Sherlock on its way tonight. The only stretch of time longer than the year between S1 and S2 will be the week between S2E1 and S2E2, of this I am sure. A friend who's deeply into the fandom disagrees; apparently it'll pass in a brief frenzy of relevant fic and art before they all descend once again into crack-addled madness. :P

There was a party last night. Lots of puke, lots of stumbly crazy teenagers, and somebody spilled vodka on my jeans. Elsewhere... I'm rediscovering Blur. Oh, and there's exams or something coming up IDK :/

I think I'll do Yuletide for the first time next year - it looks like so much fun. That said, yuletide_coal is really freaking me out about it. :L

Happy New Year, then! 2011 has seen almost nothing in my life change, for either better or worse, though I hope I'll be learning to drive in '12. :) Other than that, I'm not fussed and have no resolutions to make, except maybe to spell-check more.


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