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eruthiel ([personal profile] eruthiel) wrote2011-12-25 08:20 pm

Boringly cataloguing my new shit.

• white Gorillaz t-shirt with Stylo illustration. Very similar to one already owned, but without the text and in darker colours.
• 'Alien' movies on DVD.
Snuff by Terry Pratchett. Already made a start and loving it so far, of course.
Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.
The Windup Girl by Paulo Bacigalupi.
• hefty Mock The Week compilation book.
• Gorillaz albums: G-Sides, D-Sides and The Fall.
• 'I'M NOT HERE RIGHT NOW' lined notebook and biro from Tate Modern.
• The Little Book Of Calm, as seen in Black Books S1E1. :3
• in-ear headphones.
• an egg cup with a cute British flag design.
• a random grasshopper paperweight.

• drinking chocolate.
• chocolate Mikado.
• a Terry's Chocolate Orange, as is tradition.